Shipping is a very important part of supply chain and its importance is even more significant when the cargo is rice. We always choose 1st tier shipping lines in order to ensure that the delivery time is as quick and as per customer’s requirement. We also assist our customers to have each step tracking of the cargo so that they are well informed about their consignment and its delivery schedule.

Our QA team inspects the containers and ensures that the containers are not broken, well cleaned and free from any odor which can penetrate and alter the fragrance of rice. Each loading is done under the supervision of trained staff so as to minimize the damage and optimal loading of cargo. After loading, fumigation is been done as per the requirement and amount mentioned by HACCP so that there is no over or under fumigation of cargo which can affect the quality of product. We also ensure that our customer should not face any hassle/cost of de-fumigation at POD.