Assistant Manager Production (AMP-043)


  • Assist Production Manager in planning, managing, and executing production operations.
  • Coordinate and plan production priorities, workflow, and schedule.
  • Identify and report operational and maintenance problems to prevent production delays.
  • Schedule routine inspection and maintenance of production equipment to prevent equipment breakdowns and malfunctioning.
  • Develop or update standard operating procedures and best practices for production operations.
  • Ensure that all equipment, materials, and supplies are readily and continuously available to carry out production processes
  • Assist in documenting all work instructions and procedures.
  • Ensure the production process is carried out in accordance with company policies and procedures

Minimum qualifications:

  • BE in Industrial / Mechanical

Minimum experience: 

  • Minimum 2-3 years of experience in a processing industry

Work Location:

  • A-26 S.I.T.E II Super Highway
  • Karachi-Pakistan


  • 31st August 2022