Pakistan Rice Complex is a leading innovator in advanced parboiling technology. Our state-of-the-art parboiling system revolutionizes the way rice is processed, ensuring superior quality, and enhanced nutritional value.

At Pakistan Rice Complex, we understand that parboiling is a critical stage in rice production that directly affects the final product’s taste, texture, and overall value. With this understanding, we have developed a cutting-edge parboiling system that combines tradition with innovation, allowing rice producers to achieve the best possible results.

Our parboiling system involves a meticulous process of soaking rice paddy, followed by controlled steam treatment and drying. This process not only helps to preserve the essential nutrients within the rice grain but also improves its milling quality and reduces breakage during processing. The result is rice that cooks evenly, has an appealing appearance, and retains its natural nutritional goodness.

For more information and to witness our parboiling system in action, please watch the video provided below